“Few Miles South is like the country Pretenders! Their single Purple Skies has such a groove to it. I really like these guys!”

- Devon O’Day, Nashville Today, WSM-AM



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"...this fine lady was meant to sing Country music and you can hear that on “On Down The Road” without question.  If Opera almost claimed her…believe me, Country music is lucky to have her.”
- Sleepingbag Studios

“‘On Down The Road’ turns all frowns in its vicinity upside down! Behind great energy from the instrumentalists and exuberant vocals from Tori, you get this exhilarating country gem that does a great job of capturing all the wonderful things that comes with living countryside.” - The Ratings Game

“Independent and self-funded, this group of musicians is invariably some of the best sparkling gems that are sure to light the musical nation with their serene brightness.”
-Music Industry News Network

“And whilst country may have picked up some stereotypical trappings, sometimes it is just done so damn well that you have to look beyond the journalistic rhetoric and the generic divides and just admit that it is a hell of a lot of fun. Few Miles South is just such a band.”- Dancing about Architecture

“Whereas so much contemporary country music seems to have caught the pop and rock musical freeway, Few Miles South sticks with tried and true country backroads” - Skope Magazine

Notable Performances Include

Stagecoach 2019 - CA.
Peanut Proud Festival 2019 - GA. (support for The Kentucky Headhunters & Jimmie Allen)
The Rose - CA. (support for Junior Brown)
MusikFest - PA.
Seawalk Music Festival - FL.
Sail Fest - CT.
Suwannee Fest - GA.
River Fest - AL.
Topanga Days - CA.
Monrovia Fest - CA.
Campbellsburg Country Music Fest - IN.
Stonecrest Festival - GA.

Marina Civic Center - FL.
Martin Theatre - FL.
MillionDollar Cowboy Bar - WY.
Chattanooga Convention Center - TN.
Smith's Olde Bar - GA.

The Short

Photo Credit: Rich Saputo, Mathias Fau, Frank Allen Sr.
Few Miles South is "bringing back that classic, country sound and honky-tonk atmosphere” (Skope Magazine). The group was created by south Georgia raised Blake English and Los Angeles native Tori Lund, who began writing together in 2014 with intentions to shop songs to other artists. After a couple years bonding with their catalog they decided to wrangle up some local musicians and form a band. Their single “On Down the Road” charted on HOTDISC’s Country Top 40 and they were awarded “Best International Music Video” in 2017. In 2018, they released a 5 track EP, Might Could, and a year later followed up with a full length album, Californ I Aint. FMS does all their writing, recording and producing in house, often from their home deep in the Georgia woods. They can be found performing and road tripping around the U.S., while raising their dogs.
Photo Credit: Blake English & Tori Lund

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The Long

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Few Miles South is a country and southern rock group created by South GA raised, Blake English, and Los Angeles native, Tori Lund. The two met in 2014 while playing in an L.A. church. Tori, a classically trained singer and piano teacher, and Blake, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, connected over a shared love of country music. They began to write and record songs with intentions to shop them to other artists, but a couple years bonding with their catalog compelled them to wrangle up some local musicians and form a band. Eager to pursue music and ditch the city, Tori and Blake quit their jobs, and headed to the deep woods of Georgia.
FMS offers a refreshing take on the traditional genre while “stick[ing] with tried and true country backroads” (Skope Magazine). They strive to share honest stories and influences can he heard ranging from Hank Williams to The Band. Their first single and music video, “On Down the Road,” charted overseas and won “Best International Music Video” in 2017 by HOTDISC Country Music Awards. In 2018, they released a 5 track EP, Might Could, which features renowned pedal steel guitarist Bob “Boo” Bernstein (Tanya Tucker, Emmylou Harris, Dwight Yoakum). Just a year later they followed up with a full length album, Californ I Aint. FMS does all their writing, recording and production in house often from the deep woods of Georgia. They can be found logging miles in a van en route to a show or camping out with their dogs.

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