Might Could-EP Available Now

We have been anticipating this release for a year now and hope you enjoy the 5 songs we selected to mark the beginning of our journey. The title track, "Might Could", is the first song we wrote together as Few Miles South. At the time we were still living in CA, working day jobs and toying with the idea of leaving it all behind to chase a dream. We’d often come home to our tiny studio apartment to find our dog, "Jojo", staring out the window seemingly daydreaming about her own aspirations. “Walking to the Moon” came after many a sleepless night inevitably leading to our decision to move “On Down the Road” to Blake’s hometown in GA. These changes have been exciting, but at times scary. "What’s yours is mine” is a reminder that no matter the challenges, no matter our differences, we are in this together. 

We are proud to say we wrote, recorded, produced, and designed all elements of this project independently, but we were certainly not without help. We are grateful for the musicians who lent us their talents in the studio and on stage: Paul Allen, Ryan Posner, Simon Horrocks, Peter Freiburger, Miguel Lyons-Cavazos, Micheal Rosen, Anna Portalupi, Tommy Ducharme, Wesley Best and Bob Rhea. Special thanks to Bob "Boo” Bernstein, who you can hear all over the EP on pedal steel and Scarlett Rivera who's fine fiddlin' brings “Walking to the Moon" to life. We are thankful to our families and friends who have tolerated and encouraged us along the way, and, not least of all, we would like to sincerely thank YOU! Thank you for listening, coming to shows, opening our emails (haha) and supporting us. We hope you enjoy!

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Much love and many thanks!
Blake and Tori 

"Like syrup on a waffle"
-Duke Kelso, L.A. Vintage Amp Guru

"On Down The Road"
Winner: Best International Video
Hotdisc Country Music Awards 2017
Mike Bradford- Program Director NBRN.FM/Nashville
Tara Joan- The Daily Country
The latest single called "On Down The Road" recorded by Few Miles South is now being played throughout the day on NBRN.FM. I recently conducted a phone interview with Blake and Tori Lund founders of Few Miles South and it went quite well. The song itself is very refreshing to hear on the radio simply because it has the "Country Music" sound. I also noticed as I played the song that it has a touch of the Bakersfield sound which the likes of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakam made famous just to name a few. Be watching and listening for Few Miles South music.
I rate Few Miles South with a two thumbs up.

Georgia duo, Few Miles South, recently released their new EP, Might Could, a five-track outing that offers a treat for the ears. Written, recorded, produced, and designed independently, Might Could features a hefty, delightful dose of steel and fiddle complimented by Tori's rich, emotive vocals. From the driving title track and the rootsy "Jojo" to the classic shuffle of “Walking to the Moon” and hopeful closer "What's Yours Is Mine" Few Miles South have a solid EP of country music that you should make sure doesn't pass you by. 

Duke Kelso- L.A. Guitarist & Vintage Amp Guru (regarding single "On Down The Road")
Dave Watkins- "The Country Mile"- U.K.
"I first came across 'On Down The Road' almost by accident but I'm so pleased that I found it! Blake and Tori have come up with a toe tappin' tune, perfect for blasting out in the car or placing onto a Country radio show! Gets me going every time I hear it and it has also made me very keen to get hold of some more Few Miles South tunes too!"

Wow !!! --- this really puts you in a good mood... just a rolling down
the road with a grinning band & Tori's spirited vocal, captures
the great outdoor country feelings, so you can't sit still - Hats off to
the the boys in the band with the wicked guitar picking & slide
work backed with a steady rolling bass line & drum groove --- a
definite FAV to save - FEW MILES SOUTH- This group is going places with hits like this - stay tuned people

Linda Reagan- L.A. Vocal, Piano Coach
Tori and Blake, I could not be more impressed with your CD.  I'm not
sure I have ever listened to a country album that has so much artistic
detail.  Tori, your voice not only soared with ease to the upper registers,
at one point sounding absolutely ethereal, but you were able to get that
gutsy, gritty sound in the lower ranges as well.  The emotion in "Miles" and "Lemme Come Back Home" brought me to tears, but the full range of your abilities were even more fully on display in the haunting "Ghost Town", the sassy "Gonna Be a Wet One" and toe-tappers like "On Down the Road" and "Pretty Lil' JoJo", among others. Such impressive song-writing versatility, and you were able to bring every single one to life.
Blake, the talent you exhibit in your guitar riffs in particular, but on
percussion and all the other strings you play as well is astounding to hear.
Every song revealed carefully considered musical choices.  The use of fiddle and harmonica is especially noteworthy.  I am awestruck by your abilities, not only as a song-writer, but as an arranger as well.  The band sounded cohesive and complementary to every song Tori sang (and was that you on harmony at one point?  If it was, you should sing more mister!)  It bothers me when the band drowns out the lyrics or emotional timbre in a singer's voice.  Hat-tip to your engineering skills that struck just the right balance.